Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ten Things Thursday :)

Omg, ladies, the amount of stress that I have been under is crazy. I'm too tired to form a lot of coherent thoughts (see: the lack of blog posts), so this is the perfect thing to do!

1. We moved into our FIRST house on April 26th. Two whole weeks in this house and it's really starting to feel like HOME <3

2. I had an appointment with my dietician on Tuesday. I'm down 20 lbs, but have 10 lbs to go before they can schedule surgery for me. I kind of beat myself up about only 20 lbs, but I need to realize that it IS a success and not be so freakin' hard on myself.

3. Speaking of surgery, it looks like I probably won't be getting it until August because I'm working all summer with no breaks.

4. The reason that I'm working all summer is because I got a new job - at a university - teaching ESL! I'm teaching summer session, so I can't really take off days in the middle to get my surgery.

5. It's literally 88 degrees here today. What the what?

6. I just realized that I am going to be drinking protein shakes every day for what seems like the rest of my life.

7. My husband wants to buy a grill, but I keep convincing him to wait until June - little does he know that I bought him one for his birthday, which is next week :)

8. One of my favorite NSV that I'm looking forward to after losing a bunch of weight is riding horses again... and having a baby. I think it's sad that I still think, every month, that I might be pregnant, even though I know that I'm most likely too heavy to conceive.

9. Anyone have ideas on how to get my puppy and my cats to get along?

10. Thankful that this is the last number because I'm literally falling asleep writing this..