Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Prepping for my Consultation

In two days, I have my consultation!! Yay!! I'm really excited, but also pretty nervous. My husband is coming along, and I'm more nervous about him coming than I am about going to the actual consultation. He said he is going to make a list of questions to ask the surgeon. I plan on taking a list of questions to my surgeon on Thursday, as well. Therefore, I'm going to gather my thoughts and write out my questions here (and after my consult, I'll tell you the answers!):

1. How long after surgery can I return to work?
2. How soon can I have the surgery done? (I'm shooting for May 1st)
3. What happens if I get pregnant with my band? What happens if I get pregnant before I've lost all the weight? What happens if I get pregnant a few months after I get my band placed? (Clearly, I want a baby, lol)
4. Can you explain to me, in more depth, the nutrition plan that I have to follow after surgery?
5. Can I travel shortly after the surgery? (I'm going to Paris at the end of May.)
6. How many successful operations have you done? Are most of your patients successful?
7. Have you ever performed the surgery on someone with my weight/BMI and was it successful?
8. How many surgeries have you performed that were not successful? Why were the patients not successful?
9. Can I take my thyroid medication and BP medication in the morning with no problem when I have the band?
10. How often will I come in for an appointment after surgery?
11. My husband plans on asking about the surgical risk, so yeah...
12. Can you show me examples of people's progress before, during and after the band?
13. Is it possible for my body to reject the band?
14. What happens if they overfill the band? (this is my husband's question)

Any other questions you think I should ask? 


  1. Great question list... I am totally stealing this :)

    1. Go ahead! I'm a teacher, so I think that lends itself to asking many questions!

  2. After you speak with your doctor, you should open this up for public answers. I suspect your surgeon is likely going to tell you that this is a very personal experience in which he doesn't want you to compare your experience with other people. That this is a tool which is only as good as your ability to use it, etc.

  3. He might say what you just said, and that's ok. :) I'm a naturally curious person, and he might answer these while we are talking! He has gotten a lot of great reviews! I'm mostly wondering about the pregnancy one :p