Friday, April 4, 2014

Consultation Results

Yesterday was my consultation with my surgeon and dietician. It went extremely well, and I'm so happy that I stumbled upon them after my horrid first seminar at another clinic.

Since the office is about an hour and a half from my city, my husband and I left our house at 7:45 a.m. for my 10:20 a.m. appointment (plenty of time to spare, lol). I arrived, filled out a paper for the dietician, had my picture taken, and got weighed. My surgeon's scale weighs me about 3 pounds less than my home scale. I met with the nurse who basically verified all my information from the pre-consultation packet and then my surgeon came in.

I was so happy with him, and he gave us a very thorough explanation of how everything will work: pre-op, during the operation, post-op. He said that he expects me to lose 125 lbs in the first year, as long as I do what I am supposed to do (and following what my dietician says). I feel very confident with him. He said that my success will come from my work, but also my relationship with him and the others. He believes that our relationship will be very important, as well as my relationship with my dietician.

My BMI is quite high and it is a little bit higher than the desired maximum BMI that they prefer for the BMI. They want me to lose about 30 pounds before I can schedule surgery, and I go to meet the dietician in a month. If she is happy with my progress, they will schedule my surgery. I'm probably looking at a surgery in the beginning or middle of June.

So right now I'm drinking 3-4 protein shakes (I can sub a protein bar if I want) a day, plus a sensible dinner of 350 calories (4 oz of chicken, beef, fish, etc.) and a piece of fruit with dinner, plus she approved my daily Greek yogurt (it's an obsession). She wants me to stay at about 1,200 calories per day. No soda, no starches.

The reality of everything is hitting hard. I'm so excited and happy about all of this - even the required pre-surgery weight loss. I felt so empowered after the consultation. My husband was so happy with the doctor and I think he has finally come around 100%.

I did ask about getting pregnant, and my surgeon said if that happens, he can keep the band at it's tightness or completely release it, whatever makes me more comfortable.

Yay. Best week ever.


  1. Hey, girl! I noticed you noticing me ;)

    Congrats on the exciting consultation! Sounds like your surgeon is pretty hands on and holistic in his approach. It also looks like our surgeries will most likely be around the same time! (June, maybe July for me)

    1. Yeah! I added you late at night and then subsequently fell asleep LOL. I really love my surgeon... he is GREAT. I'm really hoping for surgery by June 13th (at or around that date). I'm totally following your journey too :)

  2. Oh Kate! I am so happy to hear everything went well! So excited for you. I am glad you will get to enjoy your vacation pre-op, and not have to stress about getting everything done prior. Can't wait to hear how things progress from here!

    1. Thanks! I DID really want the surgery before my vacation (I was actually hoping to schedule the surgery at my consultation, wishful thinking). I still need to do the psych eval, so I need to call on Monday for that lovely appointment... but I should lose some weight before my vacation so that will be nice :)