Monday, April 7, 2014

As For My Pre-Pre-WLS 'Diet'

As you know, I have to lose approximately 30 lbs before I am in the "desired" BMI range for my surgeon to perform the Lap-Band surgery on me. Therefore, I've been given, as my dietician calls it, a "regimen." 

I started this regimen on Friday. I really thought about doing my normal thing this weekend, but I woke up Friday and I decided that I would start that day and not put it off. Friday was good, especially because I only work half days on Fridays so I could come home and didn't have to take my shakes to work. I work at a really small place and everyone knows everything about everyone... so I'm sure the fact that I'm getting the surgery will come out sooner or later, but for right now I'm trying to keep it quiet.

I had a headache on Friday, no big deal. It lingered until Saturday and now I'm OK. Right now I'm around 1,100 calories per day and feel 100% normal. I drink a shake for breakfast, a shake for lunch (+ yogurt), and then eat my dinner with a piece of fruit and later have another shake. I feel satisfied. I do start to feel hungry about 3-4 hours after I 'eat' my shake, but no other issues.

I didn't want to weight myself until I was a week out from starting, but let's be honest here... I weighed myself this morning and my scale says I'm down 4 pounds. I just ordered a new scale because that one I have can be really wonky.

I did have some mishaps this weekend. My husband and I just closed on our house and got the keys on Saturday. On Sunday, we were at the house working and cleaning, and I forgot to bring any food with me. So, we went out to eat. I tried to find the best thing possible for me to eat but my lunch came out to 500 calories. Bummer. So I took it light the rest of the day and had my shake for dinner.

I know it's unrealistic to think that I will lose the 30 pounds in a month. I'm just so freakin' anxious to get my Band that having to wait past June will be so sad for me, considering that at that time, I will have been on the shakes for like... two and a half months!?

In other news, we got a puppy this weekend and we pick her up next Saturday after she is spayed. So yay for that!


  1. AWE! I want to see the puppy :)

    great job on jumping right into it! Its so easy to say well... I will start monday or whatever. Proud of you. I definitely think you are determined enough to knock out these 30lbs. New house, New Puppy... you will be active!!

    Keep it up Kate. So So Proud!

  2. Hey! Found your blog via your post on mine! I love new banded bloggers- you all inspire me! Can't wait to read about your journey. Sounds like you are crazy busy. New house and new puppy? Wowzer! Can't wait to follow your journey.